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Continence means a full lack of sexual relations. The main sign of continence is miraculous sex-related discontentment. Experts provided this disorder of sexual actions the following category: 1. For the young people that have recently started their sexual life is rather particular to have the continence periods, which can differ from number of days to number of months. 2. Conditional physiological rhythm. This classification include young couples whose periods of continence comprises about one week. 3. Solitary people. The period of continence for this team of people can differ from half a year to a year as well as a fifty percent. 4. Disorder of a monk. This state is defined by the lack of sex-related contacts for the period exceeding three years. Let's analyze how continence can affect your life and what are the consequences of this sexual condition. If the period between sex-related contacts does not go beyond half a year, it won't impact your health and wellness adequately. The

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