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Công ty Viễn Thông Hải Nam Practical Tips for Instruction to Install CCTV Without a Recorder That You Can Use Immediately If you set your DVR up to record motion only you are able to save yourself a great deal of hard drive space because you won't be saving the video from the cameras that are in places where there's no movement. A CCTV DVR employs a tough drive to store video much like a computer. So it's up to you to pick the DVR that has the variety of channels you will need to support the variety of cameras you're likely to install in your surveillance system. A normal security DVR provides numerous characteristics that you should effectively manage your security video, while also enabling you to configure each camera the ideal way that supports your requirements. Even though the normal security DVR has a 500GB hard disk, there are DVR's that provide hard drive sizes up to five terabytes. Vide recorders are extremely simple to install, program, and configure. When thinking where