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Have you ever heard about Capsule hotel”? Tokyo is indeed a wonderful place and I wish that you decide to visit Japan once again. Tokyo hotels often increase their rates during Japanese vacations and peak travel seasons. Taking advantage of the particular pajamas, robe, and slippers: Whilst hotels in Western countries usually skimp on these features, slippers plus pajamas (and if not pajamas, robes) are pretty common in Western hotel rooms. Located just 5 mins walk from Ebisucho station for the Sakaisuji subway line. It has been long time since I came here last time in daytime and I had a good urge to come here to burn all the details of my favorite hotel into my memory. Located outside the Skies Club fitness center on the roof of the Regal Garden Hotel, this lovely open-air spot is a lush green calming area to take in the sunset following a hard day. He was your architect of the Imperial Hotel within Tokyo, Japan and spent nearly three full years in Tokyo between 1917 and 1922 to

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