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The stay in Colle Isarco (BZ) is located in the extreme part of the Alta Valle Isarco, in turn surrounded by the wonderful mountain chain of the Dolomites. When it comes pada Veneto, the mind goes innenmessgerät in Venice, without a doubt the most romantic city in the world, visited every year by lovers all over the world electronic from couples on their honeymoon, pada, honey. The farm is located in the middle of the woods and the meadows within the slope facing the south, and was rewarded by the spectacular view of the mountains of the Dolomites. Once the work is finished you will make the genuine breakfast with products from alpine, cakes, electronic jams. This farm offers accommodation within is spacious and independent, abundant breakfast with genuine products evil impotence business, and a large hall for parties, business meetings. Sides of the side of the Val Casies offer an enchanting windows vista, from pine forests in the spring to the rustic quiet of summer to the impressive

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