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The particular airport in Weeze, Germany is definitely but a small one. Throughout South Africa, and particularly in the cities, areas were proclaimed out for Africans, Coloreds, and White-colored occupation. Within the mines, whites were paid as much as ten times more than blacks, plus, as in Latin America, the large industrialists worked closely with the military to get unruly workers disappeared. "The people and countries of Central Africa have no information of their ancient and medieval background like the "Tarikh es Sudan" or maybe the "Tarikh el Fettach" of the Traditional western Sudan (West Africa). We stayed at an Italian language apartment, where we ate nearly everyday but we drank plenty of good beer in Praha´s cafes. Instead of having an unseen area that fits your belongings, people choose to place MASSIVE wardrobes in small, Euro bedrooms - these wardrobes are usually ugly, covered in mirrors, plus sometimes block the doorway. Some of the ghost cities in California

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