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In June this yr, Indiabulls Real Estate promoters had sold 14 per cent stake in the company via open market transactions to Bengaluru-based Embassy Group for Rs 950 crore as a part of its strategy to focus on monetary companies and exit the realty enterprise. Indiabulls Real Estate last week announced sale of its property in London to a promoter group firm for 200 million pounds (about Rs 1,830 crore) as a part of its plans to focus on the India business and cut debt. The extremely-anticipated Continuum Residential Real Estate Investment Trust initial public offering has been withdrawn after the company accepted an all-cash provide from Toronto-based mostly Starlight Investments valuing the REIT at more than $1.seventy three billion. Toronto’s booming residential real estate market has caught the attention of Grammy-award successful artist Pharrell Williams. Sign up now to obtain the latest local & international real estate news in your inbox.

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