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Travelling The japanese makes it pertinent to learn certain helpful basic Japanese phrases for tourists. In Tokyo the JR East Service Center in the historic North Entrance for the quieter Marunouchi (west) side from the station is also a good and comfortable place to exchange your voucher, more enjoyable than the Japan Rail Pass table on the more hectic Yaesu (east) side of the station. In addition, green car (1st class) chairs on shinkansen and limited communicate trains are always reserved, and if a person sit in a green car seat with no reservation you will end up charged the hefty green vehicle shinkansen reserved seat fee, even though you have a Green Car Japan Train Pass. American Automobile Labeling Work - Requires that each automobile produced on or after October one, 1994, for sale in the U. T. bear a label disclosing in which the car was assembled, the proportion of equipment that originated in the particular U. S. and Canada, as well as the country of origin of the motor

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