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India is one of the most widely used tourism destinations in the world. Truly, visiting India iis a remarkable experience, with a variety and selection of sights and sounds that is hard to come by in any one particular country. Food and drink vendors: On almost all Thailänder trains, even 3rd class types, you'll find vendors selling fruit and soft drinks. While the Thailänder islands are great for their sunsets, make sure you plan to spend some time in Thailand's beautiful and mountainous north. Character and urban life exist within harmony in Perth, on Australia's west coast. The Tourist Authority of Thailand's website and call centre (1672 - press ‘9' for English) are able to provide some general tips to tourists in English. A five hour journey northern of Delhi, Amritsar is gloriously untouristy, but its Golden Temple -- the holiest of Sikh shrines - is stunning enough, for me, anyway, to rival the Taj Mahal. One waterway, nevertheless , does remain a vital resource each for city

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