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We're a progressive manufacturer started in 2015 and located in Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China. What do we do? We produce products which contribute to hearing protection and had already been sold to North America, Europe and many other countries and regions. What do we want? We want to cooperate with you to achieve success by selling products and make hearing protection easier. Since been built in 2015, Jiangyin Sian Plastic Protech Co., Ltd has been involved in manufacturing, R&D and sales of various ear plugs, ear muffs, electronic earbuds and other plastic and silicone rubber products. At present all our products are carried with CE, ANSI,FDA certificates for relevant market. Most products will be inspected by our serious Q/C department before delivery. Sian seeks to manufacture top quality products and continously to consummate sales and service system for customers' experience and trust.

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