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Florence Italy is in the Tuscany region about midway between Milan to the north and Rome towards the south. Guide a place on one of our Tuscany trips that fall during the time of the popular Palio run, held twice quite summer in Siena's central piazza, Il Campo. GIANNI: I would have them consider traditional Tuscan wines that are made out of 100% Tuscan grapes, mainly Sangiovese- no French or foreign varietals. It boasts medieval architecture, beautiful scenery, friendly local people and lots of cats. Art-lovers may wish to join a walking visit, which traces the early life associated with Leonardo da Vinci, who was given birth to in the region and resided there throughout his childhood. The particular Episcopal palace, bought for Primary Borgia in 1463, sits on a single side of the square, along with the excellent Palazzo Communale, which was built simply by Rossellino as a free standing schlichter between church and state, plus was more of a show than whatever else. You will

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