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The very first thing to know about the Mediterranean is that absolutely nothing is typical about it. Historically it has been house to some of the most ancient civilizations on the planet. You will find the public beaches usually between the paid beaches since every single municipality must grant the general public entry to water. The Bergeggi is known for its very lovely plus lively seaside town with its well-known beach. From the Riviera dei Fiori towards the west to the Cinque Terre towards the east, Liguria is a dense sequence of fishing villages, among the most colourful in Italy. Liguria - the third from the smallest regions in Italy, "Rainbow" perekinuvshiysya from the borders of Italy to Tuscany. The particular Cinque Terre area is excellent regarding walking and many of the old mule paths are now used by hikers traveling between the towns and villages. From the towns and villages them selves that have beaches, such as Porto Santo Stefano and Talamone. The construction material

Best Seashores In Liguria And The Best Cities