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Hello, fictional lovers, here you find me before Shakespeare and Company, home associated with my book Writers in Paris, france, Literary Lives in the City of Lighting, happy to have April at last plus starting my literary walks for that year. For me, it's just already been a privilege, stimulating and interesting, traveling around Vietnam and South-east Asia over the years and then writing about this. Although it's been a selfish catharsis, I hope in some ways that my content and books published on Vietnam has helped promote the state's tourism possibilities and make individuals understand better how Vietnam has significantly changed from the war years. Come early july visitors to the wine region of Rioja will be able to stay at a brand new 4 star Hotel Viura, a member associated with Epoque Hotels. Located in Interface Richey just north of Tampa this unknown gem offers excellent scenery and amazing wildlife. I've by no means considered myself to be a writer, amounts and math were

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