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Recently i spent a weekend in Marseilles, staying in the small hotel located on the 3rd floor of Le Corbusier's developing, l'Unite d'habitation or La Ville Radieuse. If he cannot, Town could struggle, and Sven risk turning out to be a one-season wonder within English football. That night at dinner, We decided to meet up with some friends who have been traveling to Marseilles, France the following time. But don't arrive here just for the palace, arrive at walk the beautiful and car-free old town and to visit the middle ages garden on rue Port Regal. The Unité d'Habitation within Marseilles is regarded as one of the most influential Brutalist buildings of all time. Offering free Wi-fi and garden views, le Galinier is an accommodation set in Marseille. Apartments across Marseille can vary in size, quality and accessible amenities, so be sure to consider all of the variables when booking with Nestpick. It is situated between pastel hillside village of Speracedes, 7km from Grasse and

Mediterranean Easter Break Part 3 (Marseilles & Nice)