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Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia's culture-rich capital. Setiap device kamar dilengkapi dengan AC, kamar mandi pribadi dan dapur termasuk oven, microwave, pemanggang roti dan ketel. Boutique resorts are known for having relaxed and comfy atmospheres, where guests can enjoy getting five star service, luxury, and personal privacy while also feeling completely in your own home. Hotel ini juga menawarkan tempat parkir pribadi dan akses Wi fi gratis. Tamu juga meraih mencicipi masakan Malaysia serta masakan barat yang populer di restoran hotel. Today, Kuala Lumpur is a city with a population quick approaching two million people. As told earlier, staff from the boutique hotels take deep desire for your presence their. A resort having more than 150 rooms cannot be called a boutique resort because in this situation guests begins getting the experience they get in regular type hotels. Oasia Suites Kuala Lumpur undoubtedly East Hospitality terletak hanya berjalan kaki dari Stasiun Monorail Bukit Nanas. A

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