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Perhaps the Maremma is known mainly for arianne its natural heritage and, for each extraordinary cuisine, but arianne territory also hosts some of the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany. It offers full-board service which keeps dishes of the typical cuisine of the maremma half-board. Passed Castiglione, we arrive in Punta Ala, its coastline consists of a sandy beach several kilometers long, not too wide, and entirely sheltered by the pine forest. Also noteworthy are the Beaches Ferrifere, characterized de uma stretches of beach in grey-dark electronic black, which extend to the southern end of the Maremma grossetana. The Maremma offers to the traveller, about 170 kilometres of coastline, a succession of small coves and beaches that are varied from each other, which enclose the amazing worlds of nature. In the Maremma area of tuscany, in the 80 ha of cultivated land, a special agreement with the nearby Terme di Saturnia, produces organic products, DOP olive oil and DOC wine Aha. The

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