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One of the things I love about residing in the Atlanta area is that you go from the city to the country within 30 minutes; from the city to the hills in under two hours and from your city to the Georgia coast in less than 4 hours. While in the area, make sure you visit the historic city of Lyon, the standard home of some of France's greatest chefs. The inn is an oceanfront Spanish-Mediterranean villa that has six visitor rooms and offers all the usual facilities including plush robes, elegant bedsheets, an endless pool, home theater and a breathtaking view of the Atlantic ocean. Not only will the body burn calories more efficiently and you will have more power by eating a good breakfast but it will certainly boost your brainpower as well. Family style breakfast every day service is as interesting as it noises - a group of guests communing collectively over a meal. Located in St Forgeux between Beaujolais and Monts du Lyonnais, Le Clos i Jubin offers 4 comfortable visitor rooms (3

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