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The Groove will be South Florida's Newest Interactive Conversation Line Service. Being really family friendly, This Florida resort offers babysitting services as well using a 24 hour concierge service. This Miami resort is located at one of the most happening nightspots also in Art Deco region. Budget rental car on the Orlando airport ended up costing three times more than the price they quoted my hubby so that put a damper on this budget. The Seaside pool, Villa Pool and Hillside pool will provide hours of enjoyable in the sun for the kids for your following family vacation. It's in 20 minutes to Miami Beach and 5-7 min to Miami Airport (by taxi). One of the most important facets of taking a vacation requires picking a ideal spot to stay in. You can't pick a resort that is far away from the main sights because then you'll spend too much time traveling. Centrally located to the beach, airport terminal, and downtown. If you want something more exclusive and active the Miami's beaches

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