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During this time of crisis, Rome offers proved to be one of the favourite travel locations of Italian and foreign vacationers. Wilhelmine Dobbelin born 1902 Yalca, Vic. -d. 1923 Albury; 7. Daisy Dorothea 'Dora' Dobbelin born 1896 Barwon, Murray Valley, Victoria (later Mrs McGee). Found its way to Australia from Hamburgh per the particular "" at Port Pirie, Southern Australia on the 1st August 1912. He was then aged simply eighteen, having been born in Hamburgh Stadt, Deutschland in about 1866. After five and a half years nationwide, at the age of 39, Holler war living at No . 881 Hay Road West, Perth, working as a Service provider, when he swore the Pledge and was Naturalised inhis Aliens Memorialal of 20tH september 1906. He was then age range 53, working as a Labourer, plus residing at No . 140 Thistlewaite Street, South Melbourne. He was a Sailor simply by profession and arrived at the Slot of Melbourne on the 10th Dec 1880 on the ship 'SOLIDE' through Hamburgh, Deutschland. Martin

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