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The entire concept of bed and breakfast is frequently intriguing to people who have not attempted it out earlier. Nikolaus Heinrich BENTE - created Bremen, married Sarah Jane MORRISON 1899 Vic. John HAUSER - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Emily HAnnah BROWN 1892 Vic. Richard Iffinger died within Sandridge, Port Melbourne at age thirty six in 1896. Victor KHUEN - born Pomerania, married Ould - Marie BUCK 1894 Vic. Naturally , hostel travel is not for everyone, and several travelers would rather spend extra money regarding solo accommodations. At age 24, after regarding 4 years in Australia, Hollender had been unmarried, living at No . 213 Royal parade. Hans was one of the 3 of her four sons nationwide, the other was in America, according to the announcement on the Alien Memorial she produced at age 72 for Naturalisation. Gustav Gerhrad Heinrich BAASS - born 1871 Freie und hansestadt hamburg, Deutschland. Count Ernst Vonseiten Bastian died at age 58, exactly where they were then living,

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