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If you want your house dry and algae free then the gutter maintenance will be must and repairs should be done if required. A few of the big country house (aka Scottish castle) hotels are set in large grounds meaning you've a ready-made pet friendly recreation ground directly on the doorstep. Backing on to Loch Nan Uamh, a stone-built manor using a relaxed country house atmosphere plus loads of Scottish charm. Lochore Meadows has had a long and at periods sad history prior to it growing into the beautiful country park that it can be today. The literary country house was obviously a private domain, and one which symbolised the contested views of city and country, of private possession and public office. We all use to visit Harwich, Essex frequently to visit relatives and on one such go to had an enjoyable day when the city ran an open air Medieval Pick Festival, as shown in the photos below. Peterlee, County Durham, Britain - The relatively new associated with Peterlee, which was founded

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