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Japan is a country full of traditions and picturesque views, particularly in Tokyo, where spectacular snow celebrations take place on the streets. The bedroom size is bigger compare to most Tokyo's hotel, the room facilities is good, plenty of choices for amenities and toiletteries, area very near to train station, convinience shop, restaurants, and shopping center but not as well crowded like any other place (such as shibuya or shinjuku). City hotels are usually very luxurious and there are many famous chain hotels and long founded Japanese hotels which offer excellent language services. General Studios is the most popular theme park positioned in Osaka. Within 1906 a 42-room annex has been built and the Hotel Metropole within Tsukiji was purchased to increase capability, allowing the hotel to offer to 150 resident guests plus seat up to 200 for dinner plus banquets. The Frank Lloyd Wright annex (one of six Wright designs for Japan that was really built) was destroyed in the Excellent

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