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The country house genre: quite simply, this literary genre places the nation house within the main narrative being an essential piece of subject matter. Among the most essential and prolific early nineteenth-century nation house architects working in this design in Ireland were Sir Rich and William Vitruvius Morrison. But it should be mentioned that immediately after this statement within the text of Tacitus, Tacitus produces about Ireland, which suggests that the individuals he was referring to were the particular Irish. It has lain at the foot of the Royal Distance in Edinburgh for over 500 yrs and is one of the lesser know castles of the British Monarchy. Just England and Wales in the UK; I haven't been to Scotland since I've been married and we have only visited Ireland once up to now; we spend most of our vacations in France and Belgium. So there are people who think that the crossing and the battle with people unknown to the Romans, pointed out by Tacitus refer to any exploratory

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