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Ze are you planning a holiday to el more short short stay relaxing on the beach and good food in Ostuni, here you will find useful information on the region area and on the best restaurants, pada Ostuni that offer the typical dishes of the culinary tradition of ostuni. Ze you find yourself in the salento electronic particularly near Otranto, and exactly in a charming place, that is to say, Porto badisco and you want the lamp to eat the urchins, or spaghetti at the cliff, a mixed fried fish, spaghetti with sea urchins, etc, etc, there is an excellent trattoria "the taiate"that will surely satisfy your requirements. The farm and the educational farm, a few kilometers from the sea, offers accommodation in rooms and restaurant with typical cuisine. Located in Porto Cesareo, the 1, 3 km from Rabbit Island, the Aurora Hotel offers el bar and a private parking. Agriturismo Torre Mannella is located in Città Sant'angelo, near the costa de Adriatic Sea and a few miles from the Majella and the

We 30 Best Hotel. Abruzzo, Croatia