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Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMAX ½” Drive Air Impact Wrench

This week, while carrying out a Gasket replacement task for one of the old cars parked at Geariz garage, we suddenly hit a loggerhead on the project when it was time to unscrew the crankshaft nut to pave the way for loosening the timing chain. We tried 5 different impact wrench in our toolbox, but none stood a chance.

Left with no option, one of our Geariz experts suggested we tried an auto-mechanic shop down the street, but his impact wrench could not do the job either. Finally, we had to try a shop that sells truck tires. To our greatest surprise, the Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMax was pulled out and did the job in under 15 minutes. Visit us at Geariz.

Before now, we believed all impact wrench should be able to loosen nuts to a certain level. Trying over 5 different models on a single crankshaft bolt, we learned our lessons the hard way: You need to pair your impact wrench to the right need. A regular impact wrench will effortlessly loosen a lug nut with just 100 foot-pounds torque. However, in the case of a harmonic balancer, you need over 1000 foot-pounds to do so.

Even though it's easy to argue that any impact wrench with that number would have also gotten the job done, the Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMax caught Geariz expert's attention for other reasons. 

As one expert accurately pointed out, the latest Ingersoll Rand model isn't just an upgrade over 2135TiMax but an all-around tool that suits every project. This impact wrench is for you if you want something that drives over 1000 foot-pounds torque, gives multiple torque options and also weigh less. Coming at just 4 pounds, its light-weight design makes it the best option for those who work for long hours.

Unfortunately, this Ingersoll Rand model isn't the cheapest option available in the market. The price may be intimidating for auto-repair mechanics, which explains why it's hard to see them working with it.

Alternatively, you can find other models that may not come close to the latest Ingersoll Rand model but can get the job done. Geariz website has tons of articles on how to choose the cheapest impact wrench in the market. Go through our articles to find those Guides.