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Advocate with COVID-19 after flight with Peter Dutton reveals symptoms

"Jed Bloomfield" (25/03/2020)

Wrongful Death | Welts, White \u0026 Fontaine, P.C. | Nashua, NHA reformed drug trafficker who tested positive for coronavirus after catching the same flight as infected MP Peter Dutton has revealed her symptoms of the deadly illness.  

Debbie Kilroy, who now works as a lawyer and human rights advocate, and Boneta-Marie Mabo were both on the same plane as the Home Affairs Minister when he travelled to the United States last week.

The pair were forced to get tested after learning Mr Dutton had been diagnosed with coronavirus. If you have any thoughts relating to the place and how to use BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS, you can get in touch with us at our own web-site.  

Ms Kilroy told Sunrise she was experiencing different symptoms every day.

Debbie Kilroy (pictured), who was on the same plane as Mr Dutton, and Boneta-Marie Mabo tested positive for COVID-19

The pair are the first to be quarantined in the community following a diagnosis, rather than in hospital

'I am feeling quite nauseous, chesty and nasally this morning. I actually feel like I need to throw up,' she said.

Boneta-Marie Mabo, who was with Ms Kilroy, said she began to feel quite ill on the plane but initially suspected it was being in the cabin.

On the plane she had a sore throat and felt an ache in her body.





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She said she was hyper aware of her health as she was going home to her daughter, her daughter's father and her own father and didn't want to make them ill.

The pair said they weren't taking any medication - just drinking lots of water and eating healthy.

They are also the first Australians to be isolated within their own home following a positive diagnosis due to limited bed space. 

Ms Kilory revealed the pair's test results came back showing they had COVID-19 on Monday. 

On Monday she revealed their test results came back showing they had COVID-19

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday