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"bathmate shop" (08/11/2019)

So what is a bathmate penis pump? Basically, it is a cylinder that is placed above the penis, after which air is pumped out of the pump, creating a "vacuum" in the cylinder and around the penis. Pressure from this void helps draw blood to the penis, creating an erection. (In some cases, warm water is used to flood the cylinder initially. Water is then pumped out with air. This is called a water penis pump or a hydro pump.)

Penis pumps are often recommended for men with erectile problems, because they can help them get an erection. Many men, however, use a penis pump to not only get an erection but to get an erection that is larger than usual, which can occur with the use of a pump. What technology has been used in a pump?

The Bathmate series offers something that you won't find anywhere else. It was made with a patented hydro system that uses the power of water to create a vacuum and draw blood to the penis. Even though all devices use the vacuum feature, every other device uses air power for it. On the other hand, Hydromax is fully supported by water, which makes it far more comfortable than the classic designs on the market. Plus, it's stronger than other penis enlargement methods too.

What are the unique features of this pump?

Now when each device offers the same vacuum technology, despite the fact whether it is produced with air or water, why should you consider Hydromax? Here are some things that we think can help you understand the device better.

- Water acts as a lubricant. This reduces friction when used and ensures that you can use the device in the bathroom too.
- Single-piece design makes it easier to use and clean. Almost no sticky parts can be lost when used.
- Bathmate offers more power than other pumps in range. More importantly, this also allows full control over this power as well.
- This improved design comes with a super flow flow valve system, which allows you to control with just one hand. And if you have a shower strap accessory, you can use the handsfree too.
- With swivel bellows, this device offers you 360 degree rotation which allows complete rotation.
- The highly visible vacuum compartment is also an interesting one. You always know what goes inside is not like the metal container in a classic pump.
- And finally, you need to use the device for only 15 minutes a day.