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"david mitchel" (17/10/2019)

I would stay with Lenovo or Azus. I have an Azus + 2 Desktops I assembled utilizing Azus Motherboards - as a rule the best and generally solid. In nations where cash is all the more rare and consequently progressively important, as a rule the ladies I have spoken with all have Lenovo Laptops. Models incorporate ladies in Colombia, Ukraine, and Russia. Word appears to get around.

The Lenovo brand is the old IBM brand of PC, presently additionally including Laptops. A long time back during the Clinton Administration, IBM escaped the PC business (presently just top of the line PCs and PC overhauling business and examine), and offered it's whole line of PCs to China - licenses, research, innovation and all - with the stipulation that the "IBM" name and logo must be killed from them - in this manner the "Lenovo" brand name substituted.

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