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"jack martin martin" (30/08/2019)

iBlissnow's mission is to create legal, non-toxic, safe, inexpensive, non-addictive and yet blissful shamanistic alternatives to physical sacred substances and harmful side effect-ridden drugs, to support those that desire personal growth, spiritual awareness and blissful life styles with user friendly modern day technology that inspires higher consciousness. iBlissnow's mind altering software was developed in a Quantum Physics Lab using Quantum Supercomputer technology. The process takes a psychoactive sample substance --say Magic Mushrooms--and captures, through the process of micro digitalization,its exact energetic signature or energetic blueprint or bio-field. “iBlissnow offers powerful products that make tapping into peace, joy, and even ecstasy, incredibly easy. This website is an amazing resource and store. The best of tech and subtle energy mood enhancement!” ~ Jonathan Robinson, Best selling author of The Technology of Joy, Find Happiness Now, and frequent Oprah guest