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How To Rent A Weight Loss Tips Without Spending An Arm And A Leg

por Alfonzo Baillieu (05/07/2019)

Do any of you use dietary advice to lose weight loss diet -,? What is your experience with eating out?

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Bobby Shmurda, best known for his role as "Crimson Cop" on the hit animated series "The Wire," has been on a roll lately. He's been making videos and has a lot of merch available online, but this new collaboration with his fellow rapper, DJ Premier—who also works for G-Unit at the moment—is probably the coolest collaboration yet.

Premier has been making "Vogue Dresses" from Shmurda himself and, as you can see, their designs don't look like your typical couture-dresses but they could very well be. Premier says that the inspiration for his designs came from his life and his experiences with his ex-girlfriend (who he still is married to) and from a series of events that Shmurda experienced. Shmurda told MTV News:

"I had recently broken-up with my beautiful girl of the moment, so I'm getting ready for my birthday so I came to visit her house like eight times. The first time, I did this crazy thing where I would run to a place where all my old photos were stored in order to find something that I could hang around the house and look at with my younger daughter. And it happened to be her couch. And then it happened again that I was taking a trip to Vegas and I saw this beautiful thing of mine hanging there. I realized that my new-comer wife was in the picture. I said, 'I'll buy you a dress.' Like, I bought her a dress. And at the last second, the whole thing was kind of ruined."

Premier and Shmurda haven't gotten any tattoos before so if their partnership is any indication of where their creative and personal agendas go, it'll definitely be interesting to see what they come up with.

It's an election of fear, not hope.

The Republican Party's primary season is officially coming down to this: You want to know which candidate will lead America out of the fiscal darkness? Which candidate can finally win the "fiscal cliff," which is that tax increase on all non-wealthy Americans.

The only choice is a choice between the tea party, whose voters have taken this "grand bargain" — with huge tax increases on the rich while