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Linux Quick Start - Getting to the Linux Command Line from a Linux Desktop to Run Linux Commands

"Eve Want" (25/01/2020)

When you are new to Linux, you can make learning Linux easier by using a Linux desktop. This is because it's easier to run Linux software programs and run Linux commands from a Linux desktop.

To run Linux commands from a desktop, you need to open a terminal emulation window (a.k.a. Linux terminal or Linux console). Once you've opened a Linux terminal, the Linux command line prompt appears and you can run Linux commands.

Linux Tips: The Linux command line prompt is also known as "CLI", for "command line interface". And Linux commands are also known as "Linux terminal commands" and "Linux console commands".

With over 130 different Linux distributions (versions) to choose from, running several different Linux desktops, it may seem confusing to open a linux pratice terminal. But there are basically three easy ways to open a Linux terminal and get to the Linux command line prompt - so you can learn how to use Linux commands.

3 Ways to Open a Linux Terminal Emulation Window (Terminal / Console) from the Linux Desktop

1. Look for an icon that looks like a computer screen and click on it. Some desktops don't have this icon.

2. Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and a menu will appear. Look for an item on the menu named "Linux terminal", "Linux console", or similar - and select this item.

3. Look through all the menus (and submenus) on the desktop for the words "Linux terminal", "Linux console", or similar, - and select this item.

After you've opened a terminal emulation window, you'll see a Linux command line prompt. This prompt may appear like this ]$ or it may look different on your system.

You can see all the steps to open a Linux terminal and how the Linux prompt appears for several Linux distributions by watching Linux video tutorials - the easy way to get Linux training!