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Newspaper Advertisement- The Smartest Way to Advertise Your Business

"Bart Freed" (14/01/2020)

Newspaper advertisement
Newspapers are not dead as per the prediction. In fact, it has picked up the steam with almost 70% of the global population indulging in reading newspapers as per Nielsen Research.
Yes, we do recognize the fact that social media platforms are increasingly becoming popular, however, that could not conquer the importance of a newspaper in our daily lifestyle. Given this, is it reasonable to question the need and the popularity level of newspaper advertisement?

In a developing country like India where newspapers have played a prominent role during India's fight for independence, newspaper advertisement is the oldest and the most trusted form of advertisement in the nation. Even today, newspaper Ads in India captures the lion's share in the advertisement pie chart when compared to the other forms of advertisement.
It makes it possible for the readers to engage with a brand's products and services better, which other forms of advertisements might fail to inculcate. Hence, businesses even today get drawn to newspaper advertising and can book newspaper advertisement Thus, in this write-up, we will provide you with the reasons that will justify the popularity revolving around a newspaper advertisement among the businesses in today's digitized world.

Newspaper Advertisement- the Trusted Advertising Platform Healthy Engagement and Better Recall Every now and then, we are bombarded by advertisements on social media platforms which precisely leaves our mind confused due to the enormous number of Ads. However, with a newspaper advertisement, a brand gets to stand out in a crowded Ad market.

Hence, it always facilitates a better recall of Ad which no other digital platform can offer to a brand. Newspapers beat nine out of the ten tested media platforms in terms of obtaining cut through and lifting recall. With an average of one-in-three buyers (39%) in the nation, the readers recall seeing a print ad from the beginning of their newspaper buying cycle.

For such compelling factor, brands and businesses book newspaper Ads that boots their brand promotion. Valued and Trusted form of Advertising For centuries, newspapers have proved to be an incredible source for providing us with an in-depth information catering to local, regional, national and global issues on daily basis.
Hence, the trust that readers have in a newspaper, in turn, gives rise to a hallow effect on a newspaper advertisement. Research has shown that consumers not only want to see advertisements in newspapers but also considers it to be an essential shopping tool while making purchasing decisions.

The Reach Do you know; what is that one compelling reason that drive businesses to book newspaper advertisement online or offline? India is a land of uncountable newspapers, circulated across the nation in large numbers. Hence, a newspaper advertisement has the potential to the reach the mass within a single circulation which in turn facilitates brand awareness among the mass in a short span of time.
Thus, the extensive reaching power of the newspaper advertisement gives brands and 카지노사이트 businesses yet another reason to stick to newspaper advertising backed up by other forms of advertisement. Maximises Sensory Appeal The sole reason to advertise a brand name is to increase its popularity thereby encouraging the sales process.

With the help of internet and technology, brands in today's world can display a newspaper advertisement that will appeal to the sense of the readers. A business can incorporate an attractive creative using vibrant colour, the right message and glossy paper that will exuberate the ethos and the personality of the brand.

Supplements A newspaper comes with a plethora of supplements catering to different subjects which gives the brands yet another reason to book newspaper Ads. A brand can choose to advertise in the supplements that will align best with their brand name or Ad type to increase the viewership.

This technique is good when a brand seeks to target a particular niche of readers who otherwise will fail to spot the Ad in the main issue. Given these points, we can say that newspaper advertisements still hold a prominent place in the advertising market, which as we see it is quite impossible to wipe out.
However, a successful newspaper advertisement desperately calls for a skilled advertising agency which will double a brand's ROI (Return on Investment). While the market has infinite Ad agencies, we seriously got hooked to Bookadsnow, an online media planning portal which enables brands to book newspaper advertisement online.

Bookadsnow, an initiative by the Lookad India Pvt Ltd, aims at simplifying the Ad booking process at the best possible rates in the industry to suit your budget. Being recognized by the INS (Indian Newspaper Society), Bookadsnow has a strong and trusted relationship with every media houses (small, big and medium) across the nation due to their experience which goes beyond 3 decades.
They believe in keeping a clarity with their clients until the Ads are released and provides an appropriate budget after learning about the client's requirements. Apart from that, Bookadsnow also keeps the potential to negotiate the Ad rates with the concerned newspaper on behalf of their clients, that work in driving various brands and individuals to book newspaper Ads through Bookadsnow.

Having headed Lookad India Limited for the last 25 years, I have been the driving force behind the organization. An initiative by Lookad India Pvt Ltd, Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal with tailor-made media planning and booking Television ads , newspaper advertising and magazine ads.
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