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"semenax id" (06/09/2019)

"There are many reasons why a man might want to increase the size of his penis. Many men believe that they have a penis size that is smaller than average. Some men think that their partners will be more satisfied if their penis is bigger. There are many methods and myths about how a larger penis can be achieved, from pills, exercises, special potions etc. There is a way that a larger penis can be achieved, although the results are temporary rather than permanent, and that is by a penis pump".

"Erections occur when blood flow increases to the penis. This causes blood vessels and tissues to expand and become hard. This is a natural process used by penis pumps. A chamber is placed above the penis and air is sucked up by a pump. This results in a partial vacuum in the chamber which has the effect of increasing blood flow through the penis and enlarging it. When the space is released the penis will slowly shrink back to normal erection size. This size reduction is prevented by placing a tight ring around the base of the penis which stops the flow of blood back. The ring is then released when a man no longer needs an erection".

There are many types of penis pumps on the market but they all work the same way. They consist of space that fits in the penis, the length of the tube and the pump. The pump may be spherical, trigger or push type. Most pumps are also equipped with a quick release valve that allows air to escape quickly so the penis can be removed and the ring placed around the base of the shaft.

Penis pumps are also often used by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction of the penis. This is where, usually for medical reasons, men do not get increased blood flow to the penis. Using a pump can help overcome this condition.

It's not only men with smaller penises who use this pump. They are also used by men who are naturally blessed well. These men use it to make their penis bigger or stronger than it already is. Women can also use a penis pump in their breasts. This will make them grow in size and also make their nipples longer and harder but there is no easy way to maintain their size after the chamber is removed. Women are more likely to use one of them for fun than as a way to help the condition.