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How is a good project ready?

"Elton John" (02/02/2019)

I have wanted to talk about it for some years; how do you start a good project on the internet?

Many claim to have the secret formula, but what most people pursuing this formula do not know is: there is no such formula.

You see, some say that to have a successful website on the web needs this, that, you can not use Blogspot, you have to start directly with Wordpress; but it is not so.

A current success story is the FenHentai site, which currently has more than 140 million hits, and is hosted on blogspot.

As I said earlier, there is no secret, there is determination and hunger for success!

You may have the worst tools, but if you're more focused than a person who only has the best, you're sure to be a few steps ahead.