Diogo Alberto Espírito Santo Saraiva


Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) is an academic research field focused on understanding characteristics of interdependent group work with the objective of designing adequate computer-based technology to support cooperative work processes. One of key concepts behind CSCW is the provision of relevant information to each worker in a team, a concept named awareness. As the market and research community have already perceived the importance of provide fast and reliable information among team workers, it shares the interest of CSCW in awareness improvement. This work proposes the identification of collaboration tools used by agile teams and the analysis of the quality of awareness support in them by responding the following research question: what is the quality of awareness support in collaborative tools used by agile teams? The research was conducted as a systematic literature review (SLR) and a survey. The SLR analyzed published papers on agile collaborative tools to identify which are the most used ones by agile teams and how to perceive them by CSCW classification. A survey was responded by 200 IT professionals to assess twelve selected collaboration tools regarding their awareness categories. The results outlines some of the strengths and weaknesses that can be used to propose improvements or help users to choose which tool should be implanted given a particular awareness category in concern. The lowest overall evaluated score category was location awareness with an average of 238.48 out of 600 points, while the highest was workspace awareness with an average of 374.62 out of 600 points.

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