Perception Of Change Management In Nigerian Universities

Hassan Banjo Ally, Obasan Kehinde Agbolade, Abass Hassanat Adunni


Organizational management are concerned with the effect of both radical and sudden changes can have on individual relationship with the organization and the organization as a whole. In line with this, the study attempt to assess employees’ perception of change management in Nigerian universities by investigating the relationship between change management and employee commitment on one hand, success and failure of change initiatives and employees’ readiness and resistance to change initiatives on the other hand respectively. 180 questionnaires were administered to employees of three universities in south west region of Nigeria. Data obtained was analysed using descriptive statistics while hypotheses were tested using correlation and regression analysis. The result of the findings revealed a strong and direct relationship between change management and employee commitment, success and failure of change programmes has a positive and significant relationship with employee readiness and resistance to change respectively in Nigerian universities. This paper therefore make useful recommendations to universities and other organisations among which include although, employee might resist change, organization should try their best to properly manage the resistance as it can be beneficial to the employees and the educational organizations at large.


Perceptions, Change management, Change initiative, Resistance, employee commitment

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